Tuesday, June 14, 2011


-do u know what V really is? the meaning of TRUST? if u do really luv ya then should i reported all the thing's im doing n chat with?
-if i really V u then should i always be patient will all ur perception?
-Ur angry when u realize that i also need a friend to cheer up my life?
-if i really V u then should i be lonely when there's no one beside me when u didnt contacted me all day long when u r busy working?
- if i really do V u then should be crying all night when im missing u.
-if i really V u then should i told u all the time that " I LOVE n MISSING U ALWAYS DARL"..

its hurt when we do LOVE someone and HE/SHE didnt trust and understand our situation.. try to be polite with other.. i miss ma freedom life! :(

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