Thursday, April 26, 2012

forgive me

dear Allah..
please forgive those who ever broke other feelings. i just wanna update tis blog after a while i cannot updating related to ma new life. its kinda bit busy but so far i still can manage it although got tis morning i encourage maself to get up from the bed cause of the patient need me. alhamdulilah.

1st, sory for the broken english. hihi. still in progress to improving it with speak n writing in english. pray for me so tat i can manage it ASAP.

2nd, feeling down with the insident tat hapened tis morning. im sory ma n the cuzzy. be tough ma darl. please dont blaming other. she just wanna be she are. accept her.

3rd, wherever we are please do remember Allah always be our side. always praise for whats we got today n sory for the wrong that we've done.

Alhamdulilah n praise to Allah coz im still breathing n can still tekan2 ma keyboard mumbling solo. last but not least, i do loved ma family tat had supported me enough n always be ma side for everythings tat i;ve done. may Allah bless our family owez. Amin.

p/s: Hapy friday people n thnx 4 reading.

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