Sunday, February 27, 2011

rindu KKS..:(

rindu katil room 48 aras dua..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


started to loved this place after struggling about 2/5 years i've been here..hell yes! i do LOVED it.. haha! hurmmm... hot news today? na.... not so much.. today i woke up early and then have ma bath coldly..few! i made it! hahahahhahahaahha! what i want to share is this year 2011 i'll be 23 years old n everyday will getting matured.. waa.. excited + a bit worried.. bout what? i'll say LIFE! n of course for a girl/women/teenager/adult like me just like to discuss about LOVEEEEEE.. haha! a bit funny maybe some people who doesn't know the blog function really is will LOL at me after/half reading ma blog..y? maybe she/he will think that i just humiliated maself..but for me i would like to share it for some own reason.. ok! lets started about life...1stly, for the years lately i just thought that ma life is sooo bowring.. i also didnt know the reason i told it like that..maybe it just for ma own fun..whatever.. xoxo.. and then for ma friendship story it was amazing especially ma KAPAX STARS member that who already separated not only by state but everybody's life/job/etc..hurmm.. i do missed ma high school time at TEKNIKEN.. it was unforgettable story in ma life..i miss u all darl.. GBU..and then 2ndly, about LOVE!... for me love is.....


Sunday, February 20, 2011

dont afraid to told other about ur love

trust ur love and never let him/her down... love is susah senang bersama.. sakit sihat sentiasa membantu dan mendoakan dia untuk yang body's perfect..i believed that ur true love is someone yang ble terima u seadanya even it was the worst thing's inside u.. semua orang melakukan kesalahan.. give her/him change if their doing mistakes...because i do the same things..:) happy monday n have a nice day people..:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st class after chinese new year..

malasnya... kelas panas x da aircond.. arghh... 2 week left in the class then will going back to kota kinabalu for practical n HOLIDAY againnnnn... like2! :p