Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kehidupan @ life


5.55pm @ 10/5/2011. *location: mile 1/5, SDKN.

confession of lonely heart!

- tired of exam + surrounding.
- getting bored. learn to say NO.
- ever using drug! hell yes!
- feel weirdo y im falling for him. flash back how we meet and get closed. NOTHING SPECIAL.
- cant wait to BLAH from here. im sick n dying.
- try not to hurt anyone and wanna be the best.
- AKUE TETAP AKUE. accept me who me are.
- learn to forgive and forget.
- LOVE? getting tired already. 'white flag'.
- WHAT DO U THINK ABOUT ME? answer me honestly. practice make perfect.
- back to basic dear. ENJOY ur life today coz yesterday had gone.

be ur self and enjoy ur life. take care. thnx 4 reading.

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